Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - The Land Of Pure Imagination - 2006

Sounding like the "lost" Jellyfish album, the record is produced by Manning and features the artist playing all the instruments on this tour-de-force. Solid State Warrior is a dazzler, a stylish, and intricately orchestrated slab of transcendent Pop, imbued by Manning`s keen artistic vision, sublime songwriting chops and blazing instrumental virtuosity. Opening with the hazy psychedelia of "The Land Of Pure Imagination" (a ringer for inclusion on the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory soundtrack), the record unfolds like a towering musical tree of riches, each branch displaying a newfound exploration of sonic wizardry and clever songcraft. Manning bats .1000 on the record, each track rewarding the listener with each successive listen. -Not Lame



Anonymous said...


Really wish Roger and Andy would shock us all and put a reunion together, but I won't hold my breath.

And I think the baseball jargon should be that he's batting 1000 or 1.0. (.1000 would really stink).


Niall said...

"Solid State Warrior" is in fact the Japanese version of the album that was released as "The Land of Pure Imagination" in the U.S. with 3 different tracks.
Cheers !!

Unknown said...

Hey Niall: I liked this album so much that I bought both versions. Different packaging (both awful), and slightly different track listing (I prefer the Japanese) -- just enough differences for me to whip out the wallet for both.

Unknown said...

Oops. I forgot to thank Curty Ray for posting the album. Thanks, Curty Ray!

Anonymous said...

CR: Another quality post. I'm a long time follower of this blog, so thank you indeed for keeping it going. Have the Coal Porters ever been honored with inclusion here?

cschack said...

Land of Pure Imagination, I think, shows how much of Roger was in Spilt Milk. I've only heard some demos of Andy's stuff, but it's less eclectic. Ever since I heard Land, I've sort of thought of Bellybutton as Andy's album and Spilt Milk as Roger's.

Love both his solo albums, but dang, he needs to spring for a new graphic designer…

Unknown said...

Please reup? :(


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