Monday, August 1, 2011

Soul Engines - Closer Still - 2003

One of the brightest and most talented power pop bands to come in the scene in 2003... except the band has been around for quite awhile it appears but has not bothered to connect up the whole indie power pop scene until this year. No problem as their 2003 "Closer Still" is their best and one of the year`s very best. Stunning and stupifying as every single song here is endowed with plaintive vocal cadences, effervescent guitar jangle and fluid hooks. It`s a simple formula, granted...but they *nail* it, dead middle. They sound like The Posies, The Merrymakers, The Monkees, Gin Blossoms(lots!), a more rootsy version of The Lolas and Chewy Marble playing Hollies covers. -Not Lame


Kishin said...

I've just now got around to listening to this one, and just a few songs in, I have to say I love it! Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

can you please repost it curt it's so great!!!!
what a great blog you have.

Curty Ray said...




ALFREDO said...

No way to get this record. Could yo please repost it again?. Best regards.


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