Monday, August 29, 2011

ATony Cox - On The Way now avialable

It has been two long years since songsmith Tony Cox released his debut album “Unpublished” and I have been waiting impatiently for his next release. How long does it take to put together a new album?  Well “On the Way” has finally arrived and it is better than I anticipated. Combining classic song craft with soulful lyrics and passionate playing, Tony, with the support of Nigel Clark (vocals, keys, and bass) and Darren Finlan (drums) has once again given us retro styled pop music that will make everyone stop, listen and tap their feet.

From the start Cox kicks it into high gear and weaves us through a collection of classic modern rock with smartness of pop music from the past. The well balanced, near perfect mix of songs includes the soulful “We’ll Get High”, The Lennon-esque “Hold Me Angeline” and “Feel the Ride” featuring Brian Wilson like harmonies and falsetto. There is no filler on this one. My only complaint is that “On the Way” is too short.

“On the Way” might or might not change the way you look at pop music, but Tony Cox will at the very least will give you a half-hour's worth of top-quality jangly guitars and well written pop melodies, and what's wrong with that? Not a thing, buddy so sit back and enjoy it

This one is sure to be in my 2011 Top 10 and is highly recommended. -Curty Ray, PPO

You can get your copy now at CD Baby

Tony Cox No More Lies

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