Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Candyskins - Space I'm In - 1991

Space I'm In is a nice solid production, stuffed with lots of great-sounding pop guitar (from jingle-jangle acoustics to wah and fuzz-tone riff), strong drums and nice bass work. While it's another page in that well-stuffed book of nuevo-'60s rock (complete with hints of Squeeze and an Elvis Costello vocal imitation on "Black and Blue") it's a melodic, well-done and highly enjoyable page that's worth rereading a few times. For good measure, they even cover a Stephen Stills song and have an original called "Freedom Bus." -AMG



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Jesse Javillonar said...

Hi,any chance of re-upping Space I'm in? It's one of my fave albums and my copy got lost. Thanks!


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