Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peter Case - Full Service, No Waiting - 1998

Case doesn't get much better than this -- the stories are refined, if that's possible, and his voice is stronger and clearer with age. He excels at the self-proclaimed semi-autobiographical numbers, whether on the bittersweet "On the Way Downtown," a lament like "Drunkard's Harmony" or the career retrospective "Still Playin'." With such a strong debut, follow-up and mid-career resurrection, the question still remains: when will Case achieve the recognition he deserves as one of his generation's finest songwriters? -

Peter Case - Full Service, No Waiting - 1998/rs
Peter Case - Full Service, No Waiting - 1998/sb


Anonymous said...

Nice new look Curty Ray. Thanks for this post and all you do.

govango said...

I love the new look. Thanks for taking such good care of us.


Another Rolf said...

Thanks, as ever.


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