Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Californias - Bright - 2007

I like to think that another world exists out there somewhere. It’s the exact mirror image of our world, only in this world, "pop" isn’t a dirty word. It hasn’t been co-opted by cookie-cutter boy bands or manufactured mannequins masquerading as the modern Madonna. In this world, "pop" is taken back to its roots -- to clean, hooky guitars; tight, snappy bass lines; and a solid foundation of four beats, all of which are on the floor. In this world, The Californias would be king.
Comparisons to the Beach Boys and the Beatles are easy (but appropriate -- guitarist/vocalist Mike June played Paul McCartney in a Beatles tribute band for five years), but The California’s slick, well-produced (but thankfully not overproduced) garage-pop is also reminiscent of The Zombies and The Cars. And while the music might evoke images of sun, surf and smiles, this is no period piece. What separates The Californias from their cheerful competitors is the sense that The Californias aren’t acting -- they believe in their posi-pop 100 percent. Listeners will get that feeling as well, and that feeling will lift them out of their seats and on to the dance floor, where, come twist or come twerk, you’ll be moving. - Patrick Wall/FreeTimes, Columbia, SC

The Californias - Bright - 2007/rs
The Californias - Bright - 2007/sb


Anonymous said...

Thanks For This Curty Ray. Great Album.

YankeeBoy said...

Hi Curt,

I haven't heard this album yet but with a cover like this, it has to be great. Hope you're having a great summer.

rinso said...

Curt, is there anyway you can update the links for this one, those sharing sites are long dead. Thank you in advance!


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