Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gidgets Ga Ga - Big Bong Fiasco - Now Avialable

The word ‘pop’ is heard a lot in the music business. It is used to describe so many different kinds of artists that the true meaning of the word becomes unclear. “Pop” means “popular” ultimately and there is only one reason why any music becomes popular and that is because that music makes a true connection with its audience.
Chicago band GIDGETS GAGA is better than most at makin
g this connection. Their sound is a heady mix of all that has come before and all that is yet to be. Echoes of classic British Invasion pop, Nirvana, and The Replacements can be detected, along with the bands’ own take on what it takes to make a 3-minute song matter. They are about punk rock energy and timeless pop melodicism. They are new yet instantly familiar in that “this is my new favorite song” kind of way that true fans live for.
They have spread their word from every major stage in Chicago and are poised to break out to the world at large. They are running on drive, heart, and a belief in their own destiny. Soon, the world may find itself destined to hear GIDGETS GAGA blasting out over the airwaves and taking their rightful place amongst the most popular acts in rock and roll.

Good Enough - Big Bong Fiasco

The Big bong Fiasco is available at these fine digital outlets and many more

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