Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Tattle Tales - Hearts In Tune - 2006

Pop punk: Its a faux pas in some punk circles, where most minds are closed tighter than the eyes of someone suffering chronic conjunctivitis. But for those who can look past the pejorative connotations, pop music needn't feel like a guilty indulgence. This is the philosophy of The Tattle Tales. While some are happy to discount the great pop bands that have littered the musical landscape over the last 50 odd years, The Tattle Tales embrace bands like the Beach Boys, the Zombies, Elvis Costello, Green Day and Weezer with their collective arms and pause with them in a heart-warming group hug thats a little bit cloy, but never uncomfortable for anyone. The Tattle Tales have already released two albums, 'Sometimes Magic Sounds A Lot Like Tape', and their sophomore effort 'Get Snappy.' Now with their feet firmly planted on common ground, they're ready to release their third long player, Hearts In Tune, upon the world. The Tattle Tales are destined for stardom and many hit songs, but as long as they're writing tunes and playing shows, that's all they really need. Over the course of their existence, The Tattle Tales have embarked on a series of self-financed tours and shared the stage with a slew of big important bands. We could crap on about that here, but that would give the impression they're overly-idealistic, self-involved and sycophantic. But they're not wankers, so we wont.

The Tattle Tales - Hearts In Tune - 2006/rs
The Tattle Tales - Hearts In Tune - 2006/sb

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