Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Feature - V/A - Who Are Those Guys ? v.3

Here is the third installment of Who Are Those Guys? PPO has searched all corners of the Earth to find and share with you music from unknown and lesser known bands. Most people have never heard of these groups, but now you have the opportunity to enjoy and savor every note, beat, and rhythm. Now get out and support these hard working artists.

Sorry - From out of Auburn WA, these boys play complex and thought provoking pop music. Their latest EP, RSVP, embraces sophisticated harmonies coupled with catchy, crunchy guitar hooks are nothing short of excellent! Sorry has certainly put their musical knowledge to good use in producing this beautiful example of power pop.

The Hippie Love Gods - Singer-songwriter-musician Shawn O'Neal is the personification of The Hippie Love Gods, currently making vibes from Grayton Beach, Florida. The latest release entitled Cheers, Peace, and Love is described as "A slodi rock outside in 8 psychedelic colors with a chewy bluesy folk rock center". I don't need to say more.

Tyler Esposito - A Singer / Songwriter from Houston, TX. whose musical background is steeped heavily in classic power pop and 90's Alternative. Think Badfinger meets Weezer with a little Beach Boys thrown in for added flavor.Tyler is currently unsinged but keep checking his site for more information.

Curlee Wurlee - Curlee Wurlee are a French/German/English garage band formed in Düsseldorf in 1998. The band are comprised of organist/vocalist Cécile Musy, guitarist/vocalist Michael Roden, bassist Gereon Helmer and drummer Michael Larisch. In 2006 they released their brilliant second longplayer "Oui oui..." on Soundflat Records, one of the most significant underground labels in the European garage scene.

Show Me The Skyline - Larzz Principato, the main member of Show Me The Skyline, has had his guitar glued to his body for the better part of the last five years. But, when you are obsessed with music, young, and gifted with the ability to create something that makes people crave more, sometimes you’ve got no choice. At just 16 years old, this young artist, is determined to make his mark. Check out their EP Rain or Shine now available on iTunes! , Amazon MP3!, and Rhapsody!

The Californias - A mixture of the Wrens, Elvis Costello, and a more straightforward Jellyfish, Atlanta's Californias make confident, full-bodied indie pop. Like their name would suggest, their music is sunny, upbeat, and oh-so bittersweet.While the music might evoke images of sun, surf and smiles, Their latest cd "Bright" is no period piece. What separates The Californias from their cheerful competitors is the sense that The Californias aren’t acting -- they believe in their posi-pop 100 percent.

Mondo Primo - The band hitherto known as Feable Weiner, is releasing a record August 19th most aptly titled 2FN HOT. The record is produced by Matt Mahaffey who's known for his work with Beck, Hellogoodbye, and Self. As Feable Weiner, the band extensively toured nationally and internationally with the likes of Bowling for Soup, as well as label-mates The All American Rejects and Cruiserweight. Now armed with a new name, new record, and a far-from-new tour van, Mondo Primois primed for a lengthy campaign of infusing fun into the typically earnest and humorless indie rock landscape.

Los Immediatos - Besides Italy, Spain seems to be the european Mekka of beat and r'n'b bands truely devoted to the swingin' sixties. Los Immediatos from Toledo are just another great example for this assumption. Their latest release, Second Chance, is a hip-shakin' beat dance craze with a strong affinity for 60's pop and it leads back to the glory days of bands like the Who, the Small Faces , the Byrds and Los Brincos. All you out there, dig Los Immediatos!

L’Avventura - From the Bay Area, L’Avventura has just released thier incredible debut, Your Star Was Shining. The talents of Jeff Davis, Fergus Griffin, and Aldo Silver are brought to light on this slick and sophicated mixture of rock and pop. Well written and performed this disc begs to be played again and again. A sure top 10 for 2009.

Trolley - A power pop mod combo based out of Milwaukee, WI, that regularly tours the midwest and beyond. They have toured with the likes of New Found Glory and Reel Big Fish and have shared the stage with Dick Dale, Los Straightjackets, Cotton Mather and many like-minded pop-freak outfits. Combining all the great influence of sixties pop and mod along with seventies punk and new wave, "Last Chance Dance" is truly a gem for the ages, but look for a new release in the near future.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !
Very exciting comps !

Mr. Suave said...

Thanks for more great finds. I've heard Trolley before -- they're excellent -- and it should be said that those other blokes had to share the stage with them! Cheers

Anonymous said...

Nice way to introduce new bands!
Good artwork as well.



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