Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Feature - V/A Who Are Those Guys? vol. 2

Here is the second installment of Who Are Those Guys? PPO has searched all corners of the Earth to find and share with you music from unknown and lesser known bands. Most people have never heard of these groups, but now you have the opportunity to enjoy and savor every note, beat and rhythm. Now Get out and support these hard working artists.

Funny Dunny - it's the same old story: a small town cheap culture but so many dump basements outskirts; A close big town and its bad influences: Italian posse, Mediterranean sound, popular tradition; love for Beatles and Rolling Sones and soon after American underground discovery; spasmodic pursuit of 80’s vinyl reissues; the paisley underground, (new) psychedelic sounds, garage rock and fuckin’ first love: punk! Here they are!!! Get their new LP Things Have Changed today!

Holidays Of Seventeen - Labeled as the Japenese "Weezer" these friends share a common love for music and commenced with a simple goal to play catchy , melodic music for the cool kids who dig good music. (Kinda like us!!)
Their debut album "YEAH" was released by the reknowned FABTONE RECORDS in September 2008. Next time you are in Fukuoka, 福岡県 Japan, check these guys out.

The Glums -The spirit of the Beatles and the Kinks is prevalent throughout their entire release, Good Morning People. If the word "glum" means melancholy, their music is just the opposite. Songs like "You feel so nice" or "Chapeloon" make you want to shake your arms and hair in all directions to the swirling intoxicating sounds . Catchy and upbeat this a damn fine disc and you don't miss it!

Couple - Named by Rolling Stone as one of the 25 best bands on MySpace, Couple's sugary sweet brand of Power Pop is catching on. Mastered by indie rock guru, John Golden,their new CD, Teenage Disc Fantastic! is a listening pleasure reminiscent of early Power Poppers, "Buster" and "The Quick". Listen and see what we mean. This group from Malaysia have the talent and personality to go all the way.

Peter Parker - This ain't the guy from Spiderman. His Voice. His Rockin' Guitar. His Stompin. No one else can tear up the stage the way he does. He rips it up! Giving everything. Never holds back and asking for nothing in return. Parker will perform at IPO Liverpool this March at The Cavern Club. Those who are lucky enough to be there will see the performance of a lifetime! His music is avialable from Poison Tree Records.

Nushu - From Long Beach California, Nushu are Lisa Mychols and Hillary Burton. Catchy melodies, great harmonies and vocals, and impressive guitar work are the highlight of this duo. Included on thr IPO Vol. 10 compilation, thier music is pure and honest Power Pop. Thier debut album Nevermind Lulluby is one that needs to be added to your collection. They are currently back in the studio recording their follow-up release.

Beathotel - Named after the Ffamed hotel in the Latin Quarter of Paris, Fredrik, Norbert, Peter & Stefan from hail from Munich! Their music, self produced and released on their own "Dr Evil Records" label, demonstrates their love for classic songwriting, three part harmonies and the unmistakable jangle of Rickenbacker guitars. Their current disc Move On , exhibits The Beathotel at their best! Look for them to preform at the famed Cavern Club this spring.

Reaction - From Chicago, there's a lot of history between the foursome known as Reaction. Stemming from more than 20 years of close calls, missed opportunities, a misguided name change and all the while trying to secure a place in the music industry, The Reaction is still unsinged! The band's self titled disc is filled with jangling guitars and sharp vocals that are evocative of REM and the Hoodoo Gurus.

The Mayflowers - Featuring rich glossy guitar intertwined with classic melodies, The Mayflowers are an excursion in pure Power Pop that you won't want to miss. From Japan, they write great songs about love with energy, passion and cleverness. Are You Green? leaves you feeling happy and begging for more! Astonishing Power Pop is what you will get from these guys.

The Lullabies - These Madrid artists showcase vocalist The Moni, a mixture of innocence and sin. Crunchy guitars and powerful vocals dominate their new EP Good Vibrations. The music is a classic mixture of Power Pop and late 90's indie. Don't miss this excellent release.


YankeeBoy said...

Way cool! I am downloading as I write this. This comp looks great and I am especially psyched that you are including songs form Couple's new album which I have been unable to get so far. I occasionally chat with Aidil, the leader of the band and he is a super nice guy and a tremendous talent as well. So for him and myself, thanks so much

Johnny Lebrel said...

another great comp! thaks!!!

Curty Ray said...


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