Thursday, February 12, 2009

Overwhelming Colorfast - Two Words - 1994

One of the more notable of the many early- to mid-'90s indie rock bands that made a career of mining the Husker Dü/Bob Mould/Sugar melodic hardcore vein, Overwhelming Colorfast was at its best on 1994's Two Words. Led by the full-throated vocals of singer/guitarist Bob Reed, Overwhelming Colorfast does little to expand on the basic formula but delivers a potent slice of emotionally powerful guitar rock nonetheless. Unlike some later emocore bands that concentrated on the more progressive, alternative rock-leaning elements of the style, Overwhelming Colorfast is a bit truer to the simpler, straight-ahead punk sound of early, Metal Circus and New Day Rising-era Husker Dü. Like most other Hüsker-influenced bands, though, Reed and company focus almost entirely on the Bob Mould side, and have little of the power pop and '60s AM radio sensibility that made Grant Hart so interesting. The musicanship on Two Words is appropriately ragged and energetic, with drummer Dan Reed's powerful, Dave Grohl-esque skin bashing giving the band's sound a weighty authority. Overall, the album suffers from somewhat unfocused, repetitive songwriting, but remains enjoyable due to undeniably passionate delivery and a hefty dose of monster riffs. -AMG

Overwhelming Colorfast - Two Words - 1994 pt1/rs
Overwhelming Colorfast - Two Words - 1994 pt2/rs
Overwhelming Colorfast - Two Words - 1994 pt1/sb
Overwhelming Colorfast - Two Words - 1994 pt2/sb

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