Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Bishops - The Bishops - 2007

Armed with addictive melodies, compulsive rhythms and striking suits, The Bishops are rightfully carving their ascension towards the heights of indie prominence. Heralding from London, The Bishops have been together since 2002 during which a steady development and growth of the bands unique sound has emerged. The band are fronted by twins Mike Bishop (vocals, guitar) and Pete Bishop (vocals, bass) and completed by Scotsman Chris McConville (drums).The Bishops recorded their self-titled debut album at the infamous Toe Rag Studios and was produced by creative genius Liam Watson. More recently the band recorded their follow up at Bark Studios in London with indie veteran Brian O'Shaughnessy. They have taken their vital and refreshing sound all around the globe having released their debut album across Europe and Japan.

The Bishops - The Bishops - 2007/rs
The Bishops - The Bishops - 2007/sb

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