Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Michael Gross & The Statuettes - Dust and Daylight - Avialable now!

Salt Lake City based Michael Gross & The Statuettes formed in the summer of 2008. Michael Gross was previously the guitarist and one of the singer/songwriters in the band “The Brobecks” from 2003-2007. The band toured regularly and caught the attention of many music industry folk and media in their time together. As time went on, ideas and business decisions differed, and 3 of the 4 members eventually left the band and went their own way. Michael included.
After a short stint in a band called “Lets Become Actors”, Michael recorded a solo CD in the spring of 2008 titled "Tales From a Country Home". A short time later, Michael formed a real life band. The Statuettes were born. Living never felt so good.
The Statuettes (Michael Gross – vocals/guitar, James Kelley - guitar, Benjamin Johnson – bass/keys and Matt Glass – drums/keys) have been described by the Salt Lake City Weekly to play “twangy pop that has a slightly uneasy tone beneath the jingle jangle flow” and have released their debut E.P. titled "Dust and Daylight" in May 2009. With a keen mind and a positive self body image, the band is looking forward to touring the U.S., recording more music, and other lovely things in the coming months.

Michael Gross & The Statuettes - I've Been Wrong Before

Dust and Daylight now available for purchase here!Click Here To Join Rate this posting:


clive said...

hey I'm new too your site and i was wondering if its just links and information or can you download the albums from here? If so how?

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