Thursday, February 19, 2009

Swan Dive - You're Beautiful - 1997

This is another excellent collection of '60s-influenced pop and folk from the team of Bill DeMain and Molly Felder. DeMain is a master songwriter, able to deftly craft infectious hooks and melodies. His vocals aren't quite as good as his songwriting, but luckily Felder's soothing voice is featured in most songs. Instruments such as pedal steel guitar, flute, and xylophone flesh out the tracks. Though obviously influenced by the music of another time, Swan Dive's songs have achieved their own timeless quality. While very much in the pop idiom, they avoid the clichéd bubblegum sound, with a maturity and intelligence that make them unique. Ranging from the upbeat and airy "Free" to the sad and wistful heartbreak of "Charade" to the Brazilian touches which highlight "Little Clown," a lot of stylistic ground is covered. All of Swan Dive's releases are recomended, and it's tough to pick one over the other, but You're Beautiful is as good a place to start as any.-AMG

Swan Dive - You're Beautiful - 1997/rs
Swan Dive - You're Beautiful - 1997/sb

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