Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spoon - Telephono - 1996

Amped-up acoustic guitars, jumpy song structures, and punk attitude combine in Telephono, the debut album from Austin's Spoon. Their girl-boy harmonies, spiky guitars, and soft-loud dynamic shifts recall the Pixies, and barring Kim Deal and Frank Black's reconciliation, Telephono is the next best thing to a reunion by that group. Short, energetic bursts like "Don't Buy the Realistic" and "Claws Tracking" have a raw, angry attitude missing in most alternative and indie music today, and the group's quieter moments like "Cvantez" and "Towner" have a directness that suits them well. Highlights include "Theme to Wendell Stivers," a fun, space-surf instrumental, and "Plastic Mylar," an entertaining, shiny pop song. While they're not the most original band, Spoon have created an enjoyably raw, punky album that only borrows from the best. -AMG

Spoon - Telephono - 1996/rs
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Woody Dream said...

Many thankx for this unknow band for me. Great post in my opinion.

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