Monday, February 16, 2009

Eytan Mirsky - Get Ready for Eytan! - 1999

Why a major label didn't jump at the chance to release an album as fantastic as "Get Ready For Eytan" is beyond me. When the charts (and used bins) are filled with second-rate artists playing third-rate music and acts like Mirksy cant get arrested, you know that something smells fishy in Hitsville. From the opener, "Out Of Sight", it's obvious that Mirsky enjoys the hell out of what he's doing, and it's easy to fall for his care-free, spirited music. Part Nick Lowe and part Jonathan Richman, Mirsky takes his craft seriously while having a whole lot of fun with it. With a quiver in his voice, Mirsky sounds as confident as he does innocent and wide-eyed. Though he doesn't rip off the past as liberally as Lowe once did, he does sprinkle his songs with just enough musical references to keep you guessing. "What Do I Do?" mixes an early Beatles guitar hook with an upbeat alt-country groove. "Allergic To Fun" sounds like a cool surf band covering a Violent Femmes song for a 'Beach Blanket' movie. "Found" is a heartfelt country ballad that is far too intelligent for the country market. "Record Collection", inspired by the book 'High Fidelity', speaks to all of us nerdy music types (though I take offence at Mirsky's continual put-down of ELO). All in all, a fabulous collection of pop songs without one bad apple in the bunch. -AMG

Eytan Mirsky - Get Ready for Eytan! - 1999/rs

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bosshoss said...

Had quite forgotten about this one.
Had it, but lost it. Messy divorce, that one! Now... Any chance of cover-scans?
Anyway, thanks for a great(no Grand) blog.

nevets13 said...

Great post! Do you have his other CD's?


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