Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Merrymakers - No Sleep 'til Famous - 1995

The Merrymakers is an appropriate name for this Swedish trio. There's no despair on their debut album No Sleep 'Til Famous. The record is bursting with bright melodies, crisp acoustic guitars, shiny harmonies and a sunny demeanor. The trio can pull off a number of different styles, sounding like an infectious blend of the Beatles, the Hollies and Eric Carmen, tempered with a dash of swirling psychedelia à la ELO. They may still be developing a signature style, but the variety of styles and number of catchy melodies makes No Sleep 'Til Famous a promising debut in its own right. -AMG


tomg said...

Please make my day and repost this album (Sorry for being such an annoying guy, i know)

Curty Ray said...


tomg said...

Thanks a lot for the re-up, i'll listen to this right now.

Anonymous said...

I just bought the highly infectious soundshine and would like to check out his earlier work.
Please could you reup this?


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