Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caddy - Go Slow- 2006

Caddy is the one man-band project of Tomas Dahl. Dahl has played in powerpop bands such as The Yum Yums and Wonderfools and is now playing drums for deathpunk rockers Turbonegro. Even though he..s busy touring and playing with Turbonegro, he finds time to worship his one true love…powerpop! Caddy started out just as a project because he wanted to get in the studio all by himself and record some songs. The songs became so good he decided to do a full album. His written all the songs, played every instrument, sung all the harmonies and produced the album himself. He has gotten a lot of radioplay in Norway and has actually done some shows live with it, even though Caddy was never supposed to be a “band”. He gathered some friends and did a smalll tour in Japan and has played shows in Norway and even the IPO (International Pop Overthrow) Festival in Liverpool at the legendary Cavern. Here you have some of the greatest, sparkling and energetic powerpop songs written in many, many years. -Caddy Music

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the post. love both the other bands he has played in.

Simon said...

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