Monday, April 2, 2012

The Apples in Stereo - Her Wallpaper Reverie - 1999

Her Wallpaper Reverie is the Apples in Stereo's finest effort to date -- the band's most overtly psychedelic record, it's also their most experimental, achieving a near-perfect balance between candy-colored popcraft and musique concrète-influenced interludes. In a sense, the disc is a response to the grand ambitions of fellow Elephant 6-ers Olivia Tremor Control and their likeminded Black Foliage album, but the Apples' integration of Beatlesque melodies and experimental noises is much more seamless; not only are Her Wallpaper Reverie's songs the best Robert Schneider's yet written, but they're produced with a new richness of detail -- from the wonderfully Lennon-esque "Strawberryfire" to the Kinks-ish "Ruby," the music positively shimmers. -AMG

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Unknown said...

Awesome - thanks!

Kishin said...

I bought this CD when it was first released. Nice to see the Apples getting some love, though this isn't my favorite of their albums.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the apples. They agreed with me greatly.


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