Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sleeping Dervish - Water Scared

Got this in my emai!  Enjoy
Curty Ray

"Sleeping Dervish is a rock/pop-constellation with three members located in three different cities. Vocalist and guitarist Gustaf Classon lives in Linköping, the drummer Vanja Hadzic in Aneby (more like a village really) and bass player Andreas Hosio in Stockholm. Describing our music soundwise is pretty hard as people who listen to it points out so many influences that we've stopped trying to pin-point ourselves musically. Listeners have compered us to all sorts of music - The Smiths, Coldplay, Foo Fighters and The Motorhomes to name a few - so we leave the associating to you and feel content pointing out that we've listened a lot to British pop and American nighties grunge.

Our latest EP the water scared is sleeping dervish's third and song wise longest recording. As usual we've employed our good friend and musician Andreas Boldt (who makes excellent electro music as Studio Star) who has a smattering of miking up stuff and a magic touch when it comes to mixing it. Every one of the six tracks got recorded during two extremly hectic weekends in a borrowed studio in Falun during the spring 2010 (apart from rigging up all the instruments and improvising mike positions we also drove about 500 miles per session). Extra takes and the final mix were done during this summer in Gustafs parents garage and at Andreas Boldts grandmothers place (she might not be our biggest fan, but she's very nice!). Even though the forms under which the recording took place might seem a bit quirky, the final outcome is dead serious. We are more than pleased with the result and hope that you might agree."

2010 : the water scared by sleeping dervish

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