Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Immediates - Tailor Made Cut - 2006

WOW! Sounding like they could've been on Andrew Oldham's great Immediate label back in the late 60's, this is top notch guitar and Hammond fueled Mod/garage pop rock outta France! The band formed in 1995 out of the gathering of musicians coming from various garage bands (among which Stinky Spider) and have reached their present state after the arrival of two new recruits, François and Xavier (ex-Looneys), a buoyant organist and jumpy performer on stage. The sound of the band was then deeply modified with the organ flying high over the beats. On this 12-tracker, they dish out nine tasty originals along with blistering covers of "She's Not There" by The Zombies, "Brainwashed" by The Kinks, and "Mrs. Applegate" by The Apemen! Originals like "Silly Thing" start out all Kink-ish, then go into a Yardbirds-like "rave up"! "Book Of Yours" is very Who-like! "Mr. mac Bee" makes great use of the "Taxman" (Beatles)/"Start" (The Jam") trademark riffs combined with an original twist all their own! They expertly display Freak Beat, elegant ties, vocal harmonies, Vespa scooters and British beats all at once in one extremely tight bundle! These guys will appeal "immediate"ly (no pun intended) to fans of The Prisoners, The Kinks, The Who, The Small Faces, The Green Circles and great organ-laced garage pop in general! Can't say enough about this one! GREAT!! -Kool Kat Musik



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