Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Hell Yeahs - The Hell Yeahs - 2004

There's something about a band that has swagger and attitude, but when the music to back it up, there's something special there. The Hell Yeahs do a better job at bringing low down dirty rawk 'n' roll to the masses than The Murder City Devils. The Hell Yeahs pull it off because you can dance to every freakin' song. Now I know that's not "cool" or "rad" or "hip" to dance at rock shows anymore. The kids in the Northwest would rather tap their toes and nod their heads, but MCD brought us up to the line. We were almost ready to shake our booties, and then they broke up. But for those of us still standing at that line, The Hell Yeahs are going to push us over. How can you deny the body's shimmy shake response to the Hammond organ in "Can't Do What I Should"? The pounding rhythm of "Sympathy For Brian Jones" get your toes tappin' infects your leg and travels up your body until you find yourself - gasp - dancing! The Hell Yeahs are the great new hope for a rebirth of dirty American mod music. Kids, let go of the indie rock pretension and let your bodies move to the sound of The Hell Yeahs. -CD Baby



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Rinjo Njori! said...

Good record-- I was a bit apprehensive when the lead track "Can't Do What I Should" blatantly ripped off MC5's "Kick Out the Jams"-- I think they even say "Kick it Out"


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