Sunday, April 8, 2012

Radio NewYork International - Dave the Boogieman with Barry's 4th Anniversary Show

8:00pm It's Dave's 4th Anniversary show on 11L Radio NewYork International

Tommy Stinson of The Replacements and Guns & Roses Guest,  Barry and Dave spin covers of tunes you know by artists you may not know covered the tunes........ Plus Aaron's reviews -

Listen live @ tonight and every other week at 7:30pm  (till 11pm ) NYC Wednesday (9-11pm)

Need a player to hear the show?, ITunes or IPhone all work fab.. Rate this posting:

1 comment:

Dave The BoogieMan said...

Curty - Thanks for posting my show...quit often i tip my cap to your web site on the air as you are the king of power pop for the best posting on the web...


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