Friday, September 6, 2013

The Electric Stars's new single

Although Manchester is home to The Electric Stars they’re not just another Northern act trying to rekindle the past indie glories of The Smiths and Stone Roses. Renowned Manc diva Denise Johnson (she of those great Primal Scream records ‘Movin’ On Up’ etc) showed up on last year’s critically acclaimed Sonic Candy Soul album singing some gutsy gospel backing vocals on the Gram/Stones/Scream vibed ‘Stoned Again’. There’s a similar edge too on ‘Every Now And Then’ (this single’s exclusive track) that packs a country-honk swagger to rival Exile…

If the majority of the Stars’ music is certainly more inspired by those halcyon days of the mid-60s through mid-70s (touching on wide eyed psychedelic pop, raunchy rhythm and blooze and glamish pop/rock) it’s all faultlessly topped off with a polished contemporary pop edge that is crying out for daytime radio play and a tabloid newspaper fan base. Working class pop music, honed on good times.

Jason Edge predominantly sings in a gently effete manner, more Blunstone than anyone, but he can easily slip into that louche Jagger white man sings the blues after a Jack and coke mode, heard here on ‘Every Now And Then’. The two accompanying tracks from the Sonic Candy Soul album take in ‘Between The Streets And The Stars’’ 1966 styled mod/pop style and the far darker hued drama of ‘Bedtime Stories’, which could have been made by an early ’80s act informed by Bowie’s Berlin period.

These three songs air The Electric Stars various strands. Although immensely different they slot together like Ikea furniture. It all clicks!

The Electric Stars - Between The Sheets And The Stars
The Electric Stars Facebook
Paisley Archive
Cat. No: PA028
Formats: CD Single / Download

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I´m glad that you're back Ray

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Jared Zimmerman said...

Omg! A new band that has the classic sound?! FINALLY!

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