Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sunshine Ponies: Mixtapes & Soundtracks

‘Yesterday, things were so much simpler”

If you've ever loved, lost, lusted or laughed, then you will relate to the themes in these songs. If you've ever had a crush, felt confused or found your muse, then this album will strike a chord with you. Not a true band, more a beautiful accident, these musical moments were inspired by the poems & ponderings of a surprise romantic pairing. Enjoy, relate & debate! Will there be a happy ending for these “Sunshine Ponies”?

Perhaps it was always bound to happen? After working with countless local & international bands, some of the creativity was bound to rub off on Popboomerang Records label owner Scott Thurling, who along with partner Sarah Halligan, have created the indie pop supergroup “The Sunshine Ponies.”

“Mixtapes & Soundtracks” features the very personal poems and lyrics of Scott & Sarah who were brave enough to reveal them to their various musical friends who paired the words with the melodies that they were destined to deserve. The songs on this album depict a rollercoaster of emotions and events! Will there be a happy ending for these Sunshine Ponies? “Mixtapes & Soundtracks” will reveal all!

<a href="">Sarah Sunshine by The Sunshine Ponies</a>

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Anonymous said...

CR thanks for the heads up on this
hows this for a lineup
The Sunshine Ponies: Mixtapes & Soundtracks
1. Sarah Sunshine (featuring Michael Carpenter & Jadey O’Regan)
2. The Wishing Tree (featuring Bayli O’Keefe)
3. Ballad Of The Blue Butterfly # 1 (featuring Adrian Whitehead)
4. 18 Floors (featuring Tim Reid)
5. Chance Meeting (featuring Mild Sparrow)
6. The Good Egg (featuring Bryan Estepa)
7. Lucky Break (featuring Vicuna Coat)
8. Art Of Fighting (featuring Ben Birchall)
9. The Bigger Picture (featuring Kelly’s Heels)
10. Circles (featuring Vicuna Coat)
11. Love Bus (featuring Matthew O’Neill & Brilliant Fanzine)
12. Ballad Of The Blue Butterfly # 2 (featuring Danna from Danna & The Changes)
13. Comeback (featuring Paul Andrews from Lazy Susan)
14. Nightfall (featuring The Aerial Maps)
15. She Steps On All The Cracks (featuring Broken Flight)
16. If Our Days Are Numbered...(featuring D. Rogers & Emma Heeney)
17. A Beautiful Mess (featuring Angie Hart & Four Hours Sleep)
18. Crimson Love (featuring The Millers Tale)
19. Wishing Tree #2 (featuring Georgia Fields)
20. Tinselled Ponies (featuring Rachel Crossthwaite & Danna from Danna & The Changes)
21. Sarah Sunshing (reprise)
22. Lou Lou & Scotty (featuring Kath & Rob Simpson from The Triangles)
pretty awesome eh!


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