Friday, July 30, 2010

The Russians Release Pop Gem "Crashing The Party"

When working in a musical collective, what better moniker than The Russians? Boston’s Scott Janovitz found an apt name, as his project incorporates an army of collaborators to record the pop gems he writes in between stints touring with and producing other acts. Fortunately, this group of friends - including Mike Gent (The Figgs, Death Vessel, Juliana Hatfield), Mike Piehl (Letters to Cleo, Martin Sexton), Rob Dulaney (Sarah Borges) and Russell Chudnofsky (Lori McKenna) - are among the most creative musicians Boston has to offer. The collegial group includes no less than 15 players and production personnel; the end result is an album of unforgettable, hook-packed songs that feature shimmering melodies and driving guitars seamlessly combined with 21st Century loops and sonic embroidery. The Russians managed, between their myriad other projects to record a full length album, Crashing The Party, was released digitally and on CD July 13th, followed by a vinyl LP.

The Russians - The Records Over

Available now at


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