Monday, February 1, 2010

The Motion Sick - Her Brilliant Fifteen - 2006

All in all, its pretty clear that The Motion Sick, a band whose name is derived from Victorian-era pirate slang for stowaways, won't make anyone queasy with their debut LP, Her Brilliant Fifteen. With nods to the popular music of the 50s, 60s, and 80s (the omission of the 70s was quite intentional), Her Brilliant Fifteen still manages to rise above the current recycled-rock trend to provide a refreshing, and often surprising, blend of hipster indie pop/rock, alt-rock, alt-country, and all with a sprinkling of old-school punk attitude. The strong focus of the band is on lyrical insightfulness and candor. Her Brilliant Fifteen is loaded with introspective stabs and clever quips and has the narrative power to draw in a broad range of listeners, young and old.-CD Baby

The Motion Sick - Her Brilliant Fifteen - 2006/rs
The Motion Sick - Her Brilliant Fifteen - 2006/mu


Anonymous said...

Nice! Can you post their other album too?

Brian said...

Excellent. I saw them at a concert at my college a year ago, and have been looking for their music ever since.

Anonymous said...

Just dug around and it looks like you can download their stuff free on their site.


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