Friday, February 19, 2010

Brambles -Holiday From Love - 2000

With vocals that are equal parts David Bowie and Elvis Costello reaching his high pitches, the duo of brothers Lou and Tim Anthony make easy and quite invigorating classic pop on "I Want to Be With You." Complete with tambourine and a longtime California summer car-driving feeling, each song is tight almost to a fault. There is also a touch of Queen in some songs, particularly the bassline and rhythm section in "The Kick Inside." This song also has a Crowded House infectious pop quality. The mix of some songs is a bit suspect, as "Every Time" seems quite low, with the harmonies unfortunately almost lost in the song. If it's any consolation though, the subsequent "Eyes of Love" has a surprisingly up-tempo and buoyant taste as it ends. The best track has to be "Now You're in My Heart," which comes off as a cross between the Bangles and Tom Petty with its lovable arrangement and bubblegum pop performance. The middle numbers of the album aren't as solid as the first few tracks, tending to fall into a basic ballad form but with some better than average lyrics in "Falling" and "Always Been You." But "Safe in My Arms" returns to the adorable pop/rock ethos, catchy and inviting. -AMG

Brambles -Holiday From Love - 2000/rs
Brambles -Holiday From Love - 2000/mu

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