Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Rockwells - Little Symphonies for Kids - 2002

The Rockwells were formed in 1999 by singer/guitarist Jonathan Kelly, who was living in Knoxville, TN, and his brother, singer/bassist Fred Kelly, who was in Memphis, TN. In 2000, Fred Kelly moved to Knoxville, and the brothers were joined in the group by another set of brothers, Tommy Bateman (guitar, organ) and Trace Bateman (drums). Signed to Migrant Records, the Rockwells released their first album, Little Symphonies for Kids, on April 30, 2002. Two EPs followed: EP (2003) and The Brown E.P. (April 15, 2004), the latter released on the same day as the Rockwells' second album, Star*smile*strong. Later in 2004, another EP, Tear It Down, appeared, and it attracted radio play on NPR. The Rockwells spent two years working on their next album, Place & Time, which was released on December 2, 2008. -AMG

The Rockwells - Little Symphonies for Kids - 2002/rs
The Rockwells - Little Symphonies for Kids - 2002/sb

Here is the missing track 02 Lonesome No More


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this - track two is missing. could you post thatone?

Olímpico said...

Is this the power pop band of Dent May, before he went into his solo career with his "magnificent ukelele"?? Because I´ve been searching for a long time the album in which the song "Mississipi Girls" es. What a great song.

Thanx anyway for the album.


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