Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Bis-Quits - Bis-Quits - 1993

The Bis-Quits counted among their ranks some of the best-known and most-respected Nashville rock musicians. They quickly became a major draw and released their self-titled debut through John Prine's Oh Boy imprint. With the two-headed talents of guitarists/vocalists/songwriters Tommy Womack and Will Kimbrough, along with bassist Mike Grimes, the musicianship is top-notch even as the garage aesthetic lends considerable charm to the outing. Songs like the power pop of "Tommy's on His Own" and the crisp, playful demeanor of "Anal All Day" are as joyously silly as the lyrics imply. However, the insightful, clever songwriting reveals depth on other songs like the smoldering, blues-rock of "Betty Was Black (Willie Was White)," which deals with an interracial relationship. They also do a gorgeous version of Richard Thompson's heartbreaking ballad "Walking on a Wire" (included as a live version). The emphasis is mostly on creating a gloriously fun racket, though, and a listener would be hard-pressed to find a song more engaging than the deft-blend of Handel and Chuck Berry on the inspired "Yo Yo Ma."-AMG

The Bis-Quits - Bis-Quits - 1993 pt1/rs
The Bis-Quits - Bis-Quits - 1993 pt2/rs
The Bis-Quits - Bis-Quits - 1993 pt1/sb

The Bis-Quits - Bis-Quits - 1993 pt1/sb


Anonymous said...

Curty, welcome back - and you are BACK with a vengeance! My favorite Reigning Sound album (in th ehopper as one of my BLAST FROM THE PAST features), a great Insomniacs disc and then the fantastic BisQuits?? That's a 1-2-3 knockout, my friend.

Yo Yo Ma!

Mary said...

So glad you're hip to Kimbrough & Womack, Curty. Are you familiar with their NEW band.....DADDY?? They put out a live album in 2005 and just released their first studio album - "For A Second Time" - this June, on Father's Day of course. It's more goodness from these loveable guitar heroes.

DeepKarma said...

CR, you are THE MAN. I just got around to listening to this one and was blown away. Circus Town is one of my all-time favorites, so I love Tomy Womack, but I haven't dug around to catch up with his other projects. Just a fantastic record. Now I gotta find me some Daddy and Government Cheese!

Thanks for this and all the other hidden gems you share around here!

Mecurus said...

Thanks for the Bis-quits. Quite a revelation. Anyone have Tommy Womack's Circus Town?


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