Monday, August 24, 2009

Bill Fox - Transit Byzantium - 1998

Bill Fox's second solo album pushes his music further away from pop toward a kind of lo-fi folk sound -- recorded primarily on acoustic guitar, with only the occasional touch of harmonica and the even less frequent hint of percussion, Transit Byzantine is rootsy and raw, with the uncluttered arrangements of tracks like "From a Dark Night," "Songs of a Drunken Nightingale" and "Burning Down a Snowflake" preserving the songs' intimacy and warmth. -AMG

Bill Fox - Transit Byzantium - 1998/rs
Bill Fox - Transit Byzantium - 1998/sb


Alex said...

great record, thanks for posting

Robert Griffin said...

A proper reissue of "Shelter..." is set for October release with 23 tracks versus the original(s) 15 or 18. CD streets Oct 20, with 2LP to follow a couple weeks later. "Transit" will get a similar treatment next year. Please support the artist and label, there is no guarantee that the album will even break even the way things are these days. Your actions have a real affect on other everyday people who are struggling as much as anyone.


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