Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Drowners - Cease To Be - 2007

I’m not sure why Swedes do pop music better than most every other nationality these days -- they just do. The Drowners are from Skelleftea, to be specific, and sincere fans of melodic rock will gladly take on deadly dosages of water to fully experience Cease To Be. You get the impression these guys are on a quest to create the perfect pop song, much like Fountains Of Wayne and others. And with “Words (Don’t Come Easy)”, this quintet might have discovered its Holy Grail. In it, vocalist Magnus Vikstrom confesses to being a simple music man; a calling where melodies are his best friend. Yet he cannot find the right words to tell his girl he loves her. Its lyric works for writer’s block as well as that universal struggle to verbally express deep affection. It then comes as no big surprise Cease To Be opens with “Perfect Girlfriend,” a similar search - only this time for romantic perfection. With crunching guitar chords, which ping pong back and forth from speaker to speaker, this one paints perfectionists as not such annoying people after all. All throughout, it’s impossible to resist The Drowners’ spot-on hard rock guitar-isms (amply displayed during “10000 Signs”) which are matched to melodic hooks sown into the disc’s overall fabric. Thus, The Drowners are no downers. - [Dan MacIntosh]

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