Monday, July 26, 2010

Pillow Of Wrongness - Falling Down - 2004

Pillow Of Wrongness was created in a lab in the year 2000, intended to be the ultimate and most perfect rock band in the known universe. Unfortunately, the Pillow Project was inadvertently mixed up with another experiment, leaving Kid Rock with all the musical talent, and Pillow with an uncanny ability to sense the location of the nearest trailer park.
However, they still play rock music anyway, and do the best they can. Pillow music has been heard on networks as MTV and E!, on such radio stations as KLOS and KROQ, and has been well-reviewed in such publications as Music Connection, LA Weekly, and many more.
They describe their music and sound as "exactly the type of music we'd be listening to all the time if we were vain enough to listen to our own stuff all the time." -CD Baby


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