Friday, July 2, 2010

Outta Here!!

I need to work on my sunburn so I am heading out of town with my family for a long overdue vacation. I will deal with the Rapidshare debocile when I get back. Please feel free to share your opinions about this or anything else .

See you later and thanks supporting PPO! Rate this posting:


Shriner said...

Is anybody going to miss RapidShare downloads? I haven't used them in ages when others have offered up other services.

govango said...

Enjoy your vacation. And thanks for the great music that I will enjoy on mine.


Ricard BCN said...

Maybe you should try Route 66. Enjoy your vacation and thanks for the music!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey CR,

Every time I see words like 'outta here' I hold my breath hoping that PPO doesn't go the way of Hodad Heaven!

Enjoy the well-deserved time away, Curty Ray, but don't fry too much, it's too carcinogenic.

Happy 4th,

- jukeboxphantom

Anonymous said...

I wish you and your family a wonderful time on vacation and exactly the dose of sun and fun you need!
B back soon!

61 y 49 said...

Enjoy the holidays. We hope your back soon. greetings.


Enjoy your vacation !!!

Anonymous said...

Mediafire, please!


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