Sunday, May 25, 2008

Walter Clevenger & The Dairy Kings - Love Songs To Myself - 1999

Los Angeles power pop singer/songwriter/guitarist Walter Clevenger has a rootsy, laid-back sound highly reminiscent of Nick Lowe and Rockpile. Clevenger grew up listening to country music and discovered the Beatles in fourth grade, later branching into power pop and forming a band in high school. But it was Nick Lowe's fusion of the two sounds that inspired Clevenger to pick up his pen and guitar in earnest. A home-recorded cassette, PoPgOeStHeMuSiC (no longer in print), made its way out of a circle of family and friends and got Clevenger signed to Not Lame Records. Clevenger recorded a proper album, The Man With the X-Ray Eyes, with his backing band the Dairy Kings (guitarist Steve Bancroft, bassist Henry Clift, and drummer Mike Fernandez) in 1997. Love Songs to Myself followed two years later. -AMG

If you like "Love Songs To Myself " get it here!

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TuneLovinJacket said...

great blog, you've really helped me fill in gaps in my quest to get all 200 of borack's top 200 power pop albums. this was 348 and i didn't have it. thanks, i've got it queued up after the current album.

the next two on thw list i don't have are #56 david grahame's - toy plane and #63 the mockingbirds - st

wkc said...

excellent share choice. Thanks

binkerbo said...

Nice blog! Great choices to highlight.

Anonymous said...

bought this several years ago. wonderful album from start to finish. thanks for your hard work.


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