Friday, May 9, 2008

Three Hour Tour - B Side Oblivion - 2007

It's been too damned long since we have heard new music from this semi-legendary Midwestern power pop outfit,~but Darren Cooper and the crew have arrived with the mighty B Side Oblivion, which is sure to stand tall as one of '08's finest pure pop efforts.~ Co-produced by Adam Schmitt and Cooper (and "inexpensively recorded and engineered by Adam Schmitt in his basement home studio," according to the sleeve notes), BSO is chock full of the sort of hyper-melodic wonderfulness that brings to mind such titans of the genre as Matthew Sweet, Velvet Crush and - reaching even further back - The Byrds. (The marvelous guitar breaks on the title track alone positively reek of McGuinn and Co., circa '66).~ Cooper's tunes are pensive and thoughtful,~but still have the proper instrumental kick (led by an array on spiky, thick guitar sounds, all played by Cooper) to avoid any hint of wimpiness.~ The glorious "Lady Named Caroline" is an immediate classic, but the aforementioned title track, the moody "Be There Soon" and the pretty, longing "A Girl That I Once Knew" ain't far behind.~ Bonus: BSO features the instrumental talents of Schmitt and Velvet Crush's Paul Chastain on bass and percussive assistance from two of the best in the biz: Brad Elvis and Ric Menck.-[John M. Borack]

If you like "B Side Oblivion"get it here!

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ratboy69 said...

Hey Curty Ray,

i really dig your great blog.
i have a request: would you happen to have THE SHAZAM - "Tomorrow the World" (preferably @ 320)? or anything else by this band.

Curty Ray said...

As a matter of fact I was going to post The Shazam selftitled album tomorrow, but I will post "Tomorrow the World" instead. Thanks for the suggestion!!!

King Size Mong said...

Thanks for this a nice album. Just added After School Special by Teen Machine on my blog if you want to check that out.

YankeeBoy said...

Greetings from New York City.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for not only this great album but also this incredible blog. I come here every day to see what new goodies you've got in store for us. Thank you so much.

I do have one request though. There was another Three Hour Tour CD released in a very limited edition (B-Side... is actually their 3rd) and if you have it and could post it I'd be eternally grateful.

Gyro1966 said...

Very cool stuff! Thanks again.

Curty Ray said...

Thanks for the compliments. My wife does not enjoy music like I do, so it is great to be able to share my obcession with others!

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. ~Robert Fripp

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty lousy to post this guy's brand new album. At least give him a chance to sell a few. Should be pulled. And just because it says 2007 does not mean it is very old at all. It's just out.

Curty Ray said...

Thanks for the comment. Next time leave an email address so you dao not have to hide behind anonymous. The Idea of thisblog is to highlight music, If you like buy it.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, why would I be stupid enough to leave an e-mail address? Is there some bit of correspondence I should be craving? Also, just because I have chosen to post anonymously (hint: you don't even know me anyway), which is an option which YOU enable on your blog, does not give you any moral high ground in this. Everyone cares so much about "the scene", well there ain't gonna be one soon. Meantime, you'll find the guy who made this record at his lousy day job. Nice going. Cool blog otherwise, just saying you could give this guy a break.

YankeeBoy said...

To Anonymous:

Your point is not without merit and I am sure there are many people out there who will download an mp3 and never buy music. However, be aware that there are also folks like me who will go out of their way to buy something that we really like despite the fact that we have it on mp3. After all, an mp3 is fine on the ipod but on a real stereo I want to hear the real thing.
Without this post I would have not even known about this album and yes, I did go out and buy it afterwards.

But your point is very valid and is something for all downloaders to seriously consider.

Anonymous said...

Big thanks to you for a excellent powerpop a seroius record collector and powerpop junkie its so great to be able to listening to new or at least unknown bands to me in some cases...if a record is really splendid i cant be satisfied until i own a copy of the actual i think your blog is a really great forum for powerpop fans.


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