Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Stereotypes - 2 - 2004

With 2, Southern California's the Stereotypes have created one of 2004's finest EPs. Featuring eight superbly crafted songs, the quintet's dirty sound is prevalent on "New Situation," a garage punk stomper as good as anything in the Hives' catalog. Boasting the proclamation, "I feel like a winner," the sentiment holds true on nuggets like "I Drink," a staggering, swaggering anthem, and the riotous "Dirty Sheets," which could be confused as "the Strokes," except that the Stereotypes have a richer presentation and a better knack for melody. The group also recalls Australian bands like the Ups and Downs and the Church on beautiful, Rickenbacker-driven numbers like "Stars" and "Almost Lost," making them one of the underground's secret weapons — but not for long. -AMG

If you like "2" get it here!

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King Size Mong said...

Just got around to checking this one out. Another wonderful share. Great band!

Anonymous said...

Thanks curty ray to post this cool album with some excellent jangly songs.
please could you post their EPs?.


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