Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Spongetones - Oh Yeah! - 1991

One of the most underrated power pop bands of the '80s, the Spongetones released several albums of effortlessly catchy guitar pop that captured the feel of '60s British Invasion pop with remarkable accuracy and innocent charm. While they never received much critical or commercial attention, their music has aged much better than most power pop of the era (late-70s early-80s) and among specialists, they're highly revered not only for their studio prowess but also for their spirited live shows. They are one of the few bands to carry on past the "skinny tie" fad into the '90s gracefully — not as strict revivalists but as something unique. The band, comprised of Steve Stockel (vocals, bass), Pat Walters (vocals, guitar), Jamie Hoover (vocals, guitar), and Rob Thorne (drums), began as a covers band in Charlotte, North Carolina in the early '80s. They signed to the Ripete label in 1982 and released their first full length, Beat Music the same year, following with the Torn Apart EP in 1984 — the latter featuring esteemed guests, Don Dixon, Mitch Easter and REM on hand claps. Stoeckel temporarily left the band, returning in 1991. By 1987, it seemed the Spongetones wanted to distant themselves from their revivalist reputation, leaving Ripete in favor of the independent Triapore and recording probably their most experimental and most un-Spongetones album, Where-Ever-Land. The album, produced by Don Dixon, flirted with garage rock, psychedelia, and the more fashionable jangle pop — all in all it marked a more muscular and harder edged approach. The experiment failed for the most part and was short-lived. The band signed to Vinyl Records (owned by power pop icons the Shoes) and found a true home in 1991.
The Spongetones return after a long absence with 1991's Oh Yeah! They effectively pick up where they left off in the '80s with their infectious Beatlesque power pop. Easily their best songwriting, and a good place to get acquainted with the band. -AMG

If you like "Oh Yeah!" get it here!

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Anonymous said...

I just found your cool blog. Thanks for all the great posts. You have great taste!


By the way, do you happen to have the following album?

Come and Get It: a tribute to Badfinger

If so, I'd request it for one of your upcoming posts.

Curty Ray said...

Thanks for the thumbs up! I do have that album and i will post it soon!

Keep checking back

wkc said...

Curty Ray - thanks again for another exceptional share.

Curty Ray said...

Thanks for coming back!

Curty Ray said...

I have corrected the rapidshare file

Anonymous said...

any chance you've got Jamie & Steve's newest? quite sure your readers would dig it.


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