Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Scientists - Scientists (The Pink Album) - 1981

The first, self-titled album by Perth's Scientists bares almost no resemblance to the Scientists that released so many wonderfully dirgy records in the '80s. Rather, this LP serves as a predecessor for another Australian rock institution, the recently defunct Hoodoo Gurus. As on all Scientists releases, this one features Kim Salmon on vocals and guitar, but here he is joined by future Gurus rhythm section, James Baker (Victims) and Ian Sharples, on THE drums and bass respectively. The music chugs along with all the right influences, including Big Star, the Ramones, Johnny Thunders and the Troggs. Not quite punk, but in Perth, circa 1980, it must've seemed pretty radical. With the simple themes of teen romance ("Walk the Plank"), teen alienation ("Larry," "Teenage Dreamer") and girls ("Girl"), this record comes out of nowhere to bring you right back to that place when these subjects fixated YOU. The album was recorded as the band was breaking up and may be a bit over-produced (read: loud drums, separation of instruments), but the music stands on it's own as a joyful ode to simpler times, before Kim Salmon's heart was in a place called "Swampland," which is, of course, nine parts water and one part sand. Salmon later reformed the Scientists, taking the band in a radically different and darker direction. While not indicative of the Scientists' sound (generally more Birthday Party-like) this LP stands as their best, as well as one of the finest moments in early-'80s Australian rock. Note: You also can't go wrong with their original EP which has been re-issued under the title Sweet Corn Sessions and features the classic, "Frantic Romantic." -AMG

If you like "The Scientists" get it here!

The Scientists - Scientists - 1981
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Anonymous said...

Great album.



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Good Power Pop!!!!!!.
Less swamp and dark than rest of lp´s

yds said...

At last I get the chance to listen to this record. Thank you very much!!

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Your idea was useful by Revathi

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