Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Ravyns - The Ravyns - 1984

The Ravyns are best known for their 1982 hit, “Raised on the Radio”, which was featured in the Universal film, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The song was the second single released from the soundtrack of that film, receiving great critical acclaim in Billboard and instantaneous rock radio placement nationwide and abroad.With the success of “Raised..” came a full length album deal with MCA. The Ravyns was released in 1984, and once again lauded by critics on both sides of the Atlantic.Within one year, the band produced three music videos - “Raised on the Radio”, “Don’t Leave Me This Way”, and “Rhythm of the Heart” - the latter of which won MTV’s 1985 National Basement Tapes competition solely by viewer support.

If you like "The Ravyns" get it here!

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POPPHIL said...

Hi, I have just come across your music blog and I must admit it is on a par with the best ones out there on the Net, like powerpopcriminals among others.
A million thanks for posting such great records. One question, though.
I have never ever managed to extract divided files like the ones you uploaded for the RAVYNS LP.
Could you please explain as clearly as possible how to do it?
I would be infinitely grateful to you. Thanks again .

Curty Ray said...

You need to download both parth when that is complete you need to open the part 1 file. that is all, it will automatically extract both parts.

POPPHIL said...

Sorry but the extraction does not work as easily as you say. Actually, it does not work at all, I mean the last track gets lost in the process (it is not extracted) and I always get the same error message telling me I need to start with the first part, which I always do , but in vain.
Sorry to bother you about this but it is quite frustrating.

Curty Ray said...

Please send me an email address, we will get you going!

POPPHIL said...

My email address is


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