Saturday, May 17, 2008

Off Broadway - On - 1979

Probably the most popular album by this power pop group, On contained Off Broadway U.S.A.'s most well-known songs. In fact, if you listened to rock radio when this disc was new, it was not uncommon to hear any of those songs ("Stay in Time," "Bad Indication," "Hang On for Love" or "Full Moon Turn My Head Around") played frequently. The group had a sound a bit like their more popular fellow Midwesterners Cheap Trick, but with a little more quirky, almost new wave sort of bent to it. This album really did a great job of both showing off that sound and entertaining listeners at the same time. -AMG

If you like "On" get it here!

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ratboy69 said...

Hey Curty Ray,

talk about a coincidence. I've been listening to my OFF BROADWAY vinyl record for a week and was just thinking i should rip it when it shows up on your blog. Great!

Curty Ray said...

This was all over the airwaves when I moved to Chicago in 79, Still one of my favorites!

Thanks for the comments.

Gyro1966 said...

Thanks- i didn't have this. It's good to hear it now.

knownote said...

Is this one from CD or LP? I've got an LP trasfer I did of this one, would love to hear a CD rip.

I've got their other album "quick turns" on CD. I might put that up on my blog sometime in the future.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this classic. A suggestion for your site is the excellent Pat Mccurdy & the Confidentials "The Good Life" and Yipes! first album. Both very much in the Off Broadway vein. Just a thought.


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