Friday, May 9, 2008

The Luxury Liners - Overbored - 2003

The Luxury Liners` blend of sunny guitar crunch and drop-dead gorgeous melody will have critics scrambling for comparisons to legendary power poppers and modern-day alt-rock heroes. The Liners, however, aren`t trying to evoke any ghosts; they`re just doing what comes naturally, creating towering, euphoric rock that will crawl up one side of you and down the other. This is the Liners` 3rd release and their best of the lot. The Luxury Liners` melting pot sound is complemented by their lyrical acumen and influences reminiscent of everyone from the Beatles to the Gin Blossoms, from the Superdrag to Weezer, and from Big Star to Coldplay. Accessible enough to be marketable, yet utterly and completely unique, The Luxury Liners fit right into the eclectic musical landscape happening today.


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King Size Mong said...

This is a great album! Thanks for the share.

I'll be getting Nonetheless when it's back in stock at Not Lame.

Anonymous said...

Dead link :( Repost please? :)

Curty Ray said...

Links have been repaired, enjoy!


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