Saturday, May 10, 2008

Lolas - Doctor Apache - 2006

The Lolas are a power pop band/on-going recording project, formed in 1998, the brainchild of ex-Shame Idols singer-guitarist-songwriter Tim Boykin.
The idea for the band came about during the recording of the album Ballerina Breakout (Jam 1999), which was intended to be the the third Shame Idols album, but instead became the Lolas debut, as the Shame Idols broke up before the album was finished.
Ballerina Breakout received critical raves, as did the follow up, 2000's Silver Dollar Sunday (Jam). Each album was picked up for re-release by Japanese power pop label, Wizzard In Vinyl. In 2002 the Lolas toured Japan. 2003 saw the release of Something You Oughta Know, again receiving critical accolades.
2006 sees the long awaited release of Doctor Apache (Wizzard In Vinyl). If you're a Lolas fan or a power pop fanatic, you'll want to be sure pick this up, as it's going to be hard (for now) to find in the USA or Europe. Destined to be hailed as a classic. -CD Baby

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wkc said...

Wow! I loved this groups earlier lp - look forward to hearing this one. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Better yet, grab their more recent US release Like The Sun, which has all but one of the tracks on Doctor Apache plus a bunch of great covers (like Going All The Way, I Can Only Give You Everything and Wig Wam Bam)!

Get it here:

Anonymous said...

Any chance you have Ballerina Breakout? Benn having trouble find. Great blog!

Curty Ray said...

Sotty guy, but I do not have it. I will keep my eye out foe a copy and let you know

Anonymous said...

Hi curty ray,
Excellent post with awesome power-pop sounds.
I have got the Bellerina Breakout, if you like I will send the link to donwload it, tell me an e-mail

Anonymous said...

Hey Ray! Get that link from Juan. Gotta get that album ;-)


Curty Ray said...

genesis315 said...

hi curty ray, any chance this could be reupped, the link is dead. thanks for all you do. regards anthony


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