Tuesday, May 27, 2008

LMNOP - Numbles - 1989

Stephen Fievet is LMNOP. Drawing from a consistent and seemingly bottomless well of neat melodies, memorable hooks and substantial personal lyrics, the one-man power pop auteur from Atlanta loads each perky studio arrangement with rich layers of guitar, harmony vocals and whatever else his febrile invention may contrive to add. Once a devotee of pop's charm and innocence (although he always evinced a weakness for corny puns and gratuitous vulgarity — LMNO3's "Sitting on Uranus" being an example of both), Fievet has displayed a deepening well of viciousness and despair, which makes LMNOP a bewildering psychic ride.

LMNOP's darker side (no secret to readers of the deeply disconcerting and outrageously crude Baby Sue comic Fievet draws and publishes as Dr. Don W. Seven) began to surface in the lyrics of the excellent Numbles. In a delightful voice, Fievet sings such unsettling hummables as "You're getting headaches so much of the time/Your memory has run dry and darkness is all you feel." With nine of the best tracks from Pony and Elemen Opee Elpee added as a bonus, the French Numbles CD is an essential introduction to Fievet's bent world of wonder. -[Ira Robbins] Triuser Press

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