Friday, May 9, 2008

The Knack - Get The Knack - 1979

From being a popular LA club act (an outgrowth of the Sunset Bombers, who released one single), the Knack got to the big time with the help of proven producer Mike Chapman, relying on the arguable strengths of Michigan-born singer/guitarist Doug Fieger's lascivious songs to carry the band. And carry them they did: "My Sharona" and "Good Girls Don't" both became monster hits. Fieger was no timeless tunesmith, but he had plenty of drive and confidence, and all it took was incredible, perfect timing and savvy marketing to lead listeners to overrate what were, essentially, routine skills. Most of the quartet (guitarist Berton Averre, drummer Bruce Gary and bassist Prescott Niles) had toiled as session musicians for years (Fieger, for one, was secretive about his age — nowadays he admits to having been born in 1953, which makes him all of 26 at the time), and they knew their way around studios. Get the Knack was recorded live, fast and cheaply with minimal overdubs. -[Ira Robbins / Michael Sandlin] Trouser Press

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Anonymous said...

Thank you. I love power pop!!!

MJG196 said...

I remember this well...was at my dad's bachelor pad apartment!


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