Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Kings - The Kings Are Here - 1980

Vocalist/bassist David Diamond, keyboard player Sonny Keyes, drummer Max Styles and guitarist Mister Zero founded the Kings in Ontario in 1979. Somewhere between new wave and rock, the band released a 1980 single, "Switchin' to Glide," that did well in the U.S. as well as Canada. The Kings Are Here appeared the same year, but the band faded quickly; a re-formed Kings appeared in the mid-'90s, and recorded Unstoppable. -AMG

If oyu like "The Kings Are Here" get it here!

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angelo said...

hello, i was listening to the 1st track, and there're some blank parts in the rip, could re-rip again that song, thx

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem as angelo.

Curty Ray said...

I have updated the files. You can reload them and they should work.

angelo said...

I have downloaded again both parts and now the 1st song is missing - could you upload again that 1st song with sharebee instead of rapidshare - soecially when there are two parts to download - thx

Curty Ray said...

I guess today is not my day. One these two links should work. Thanks for letting me know.


angelo said...

thx - the rip is ok now
and thx for the sharebee link
and if u have any request, just ask me by posting a comment on my blog


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