Friday, May 30, 2008

Joe, Marc's Brother - The Debut Of Joe, Marc's Brother - 1996

The debut of the Memphis-based rock outfit Joe, Marc's Brother is an agreeable enough collection of roots rock and offbeat pop numbers, but there is little that will immediately grab the listener's attention. The lyrical themes are easy to relate to without being trite, but lead singer Marc Pisapia's delivery is often strained and self-conscious. "Together" is a bright piece of acoustic guitar-driven bossa nova, and "It Still Hurts" mixes rock guitars and a country beat with decent results, but both suffer from lackluster vocals. Later on in the group's career, Joe, Marc's Brother would overcome many of the problems that hamper this release, but the debut is an often unremarkable effort with a few moments that hint at the band's untapped potential. -AMG

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