Thursday, May 1, 2008

Jellyfish - Bellybutton - 1990

Including lead singer/guitarist Andy Sturmer, bassist Jason Falkner, and keyboardist Roger Manning, the San Francisco band Jellyfish released their 1990 debut Bellybutton to critical raves. Despite the kudos and some play at video outlets, the album failed to make much of a commercial impact. It was truly unfortunate because Bellybutton, despite obvious influences, was a breath of fresh pop air. "The Man I Used to Be" kicks off the album as a catchy song about domestic failure wrapped in nautical metaphors. The single "The King Is Half-Undressed" is a slice of effervescent power pop whose melody runs counter to the lyrical theme of loneliness. In fact, behind the bounce and breeze of Bellybutton's engaging songs is a recurring theme of melancholy and longing like "She Still Loves Him," with its stirring vocal harmonies and a blistering guitar solo, and the punchy "All I Want Is Everything." Better yet is the second chance the singer delights in on the joyous "Baby's Coming Back," which is accentuated with handclaps. Delightful. -AMG

If you liked "Bellybutton" get it here!

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Alejandro said...

¡¡¡Many thanks for this album!!! it's no easy to find and I think that is a very good album. I was a long time looking for.


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