Friday, May 16, 2008

It's Over! - That Girl - 2008

The suits, the pop songs about girls, the Merseybeat guitars, the quirky lyrics — it's obvious what It's Over's all about. These guys wear their late-1960s bubblegum influence in their smiling faces and Rubber Soul riffs. And in an indie-rock milieu high on squelchy keyboards and ironic mustaches, a clean-cut band that just wants to Monkee around is plenty welcome. Though It's Over's namesake is a classic breakup utterance, the band's debut album is young, wild and silly. Immune to heartache, boyish frontman Jamie Searle is in love with 'em all. In the grand pop tradition, he couches his lust in harmless, generic innuendos: My mind is a shakin'/'Cause my body woke up sayin'/That girl turns me on! he shouts on the titular album closer, a Dixieland-style stomp bonered up by a squealing horn section. Then, on "My Dear Wife," a bouncy marital monologue, Searle makes like a kid sticking a flashlight under his face when he reveals that the husband in the song is a ... ser-i-al KILLERRRR! Musically, That Girl is lean, catchy and full of confidence. -[Jason Harper]

If you like "That Girl" get it here!

It's Over! - That Girl - 2008
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jeffen said...

A great mix here of the vintage and the right-damn now.

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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and are very impressed. Lots of great stuff that I heard/read about in the 90s but never got a chance to hear. Until now. I remember Not Lame raving about bands like The Toms,Shazam, etc (yes, I know everything in their catalogue was "an essential purchase ;-)...and now I can make judgement. Definitely jumped into my Top 5 blogs. Thank you.
p.s.I'd love to hear that 1st Silver Suns disc, if you have it?


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