Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Fast Computers - Heart Geometry - 2007

One of this year's best local releases is Heart Geometry, the debut long-player from Fast Computers. It only takes one song, the fascinating opener 'Sweden Hasn't Changed, You Have,' to see that this trio is not messing around. Balancing human warmth with icicle-cold keyboards is a tricky act, and Fast Computers pull it off with the greatest of ease... Heart Geometry props itself up not with the easy nostalgia of quaint new-wave revivalists, but instead by delicately spacing each song with tempered vocals and open-ended instrumentation. The result is an absolutely gorgeous record... -Portland Mercury

If you like "Heart Geometry" get it here!

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TuneLovinJacket said...

Unable to open these without fatal errors. tried 2 different programs. not complaining, just wanted to let you know. could just be my system. having same issues with The Kings. thanks for all the work you do putting these great tunes up.jkkt

Curty Ray said...

It seems to be working fine, I just tried it. I will however re-zip it and re post it. Hang on!

Curty Ray said...

Try These!


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